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Saturday, 10 September 2016

TVIK: The Voice India Kids 2016 Voting Details, Missed Call Number, SMS

Posted by Suyash jain
&TV Aired Singing reality show among the Kids Contestants, The Voice India Kids Voting Lines are now Open after the Lives show and now it's time for you to vote for your favorite Singer Contestants to make them winner. Here is how you can vote for your Favorite one from team Shekhar, Team Neeti Mohan and Team Shaan.


Here is the Two Different Way you can Vote and Support your Favorite Kids Contestants of The Voice India Kids.

1) The Voice India Kids Voting Mobile Numbers (Give a call to Vote)

Sr. No Singer Name VMN Number
1 Pooja Insa 7330599801
2 Shanmukha Priya 7330599802
3 Attaluri Pravasthi 7330599803
4 Srishti Chakraborty 7330599804
5 Jasu Khan 7330599805
6 Priyanshi Srivastava 7330599806
7 Saanvi Shetty 7330599807
8 Srishti Rawat 7330599808
9 Kavya Limaye 7330599809
10 Vishwaprasad Ganagi 7330599810
11 Tiyasa Basu 7330599811
12 Nishtha Sharma 7330599812
13 Shreya Basu 7330599813
14 Shivam Singh 7330599814
15 Harveer Chawla 7330599815
16 Mismi Bose 7330599816
17 Riya Biswas 7330599817
18 Ridipta Sharma 7330599818

2) The Voice India Kids Contestants SMS Codes (Vote by doing SMS)

The SMS Codes for voting for each Singer for the purpose of submitting Voting Entries are as follows:
Sr. No Singer Name Short Codes
1 Pooja Insa POO
2 Shanmukha Priya SHN
3 Attaluri Pravasthi ATA
4 Srishti Chakraborty SRI
5 Jasu Khan JSU
6 Priyanshi Srivastava PRY
7 Saanvi Shetty SAN
8 Srishti Rawat SRS
9 Kavya Limaye KAV
10 Vishwaprasad Ganagi VSP
11 Tiyasa Basu TYS
12 Nishtha Sharma NIS
13 Shreya Basu SRY
14 Shivam Singh SIV
15 Harveer Chawla HAR
16 Mismi Bose MSB
17 Riya Biswas RIY
18 Ridipta Sharma RID

Pooja, Pravasthi, Shanmukha, Jasu, Srishti, Priyanshi are in Team Shaan
Shivam Singh, Harweer Chawla, Shreya, Mismi Bose, Ridipta, Riya in Team Shekhar
Nishtha, Kavya, Tiyasa, Vishwaprasad, Saanvi, Srishti in Team Neei Mohan

See the - The Voice India Kids Selected Contestants in Teams (Top 18 - Top 6 in each team)

Voting lines are open NOW. You can vote for your favorite singers till 7am tomorrow. Keep voting! For *T&Cs logon to thevoicekidsindia.com

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