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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Top 12 Contestants, Mega Auditions

Posted by Suyash jain
After the Four Consecutive Episodes on India's Number One Singing Reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 its time to sort out the Top 12 Singer Contestants from the List of Selected Top 24 Singers. judges Mika Singh, Pritam, Sajid and Wajid had really hard time to give green light to the Few of the contestants as majority of the Participants in Auditions round were Talented Singers. Now its time for the Mega Auditions where only Top 12 will go further and remaining will be eliminated based on the Performances.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Mega Auditions scheduled for Upcoming Weekend on 9th-10th April 2016 where All the 4 Key Judges and 30 jury members will try their best to hunt the deserved Contestants for season. One by one Each selected Contestants have to give Auditions to make it to the Top 12 List.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Top 12 Contestants Names List -

Some of the Contestants leaves Judges and juries Speechless and they gave Standing ovation to great Voices of Country. The Names of the Top 12 Selected Contestants added below after the Mega Auditions


1) Abhigyan Das


Born and brought up in a family of music lovers, this 19-year-old young talent hails from Assam. Trained in Indian classical, he started learning music from his parents who are equally proficient in it.  With a dream to become a singer and composer, Abhigyan aspires to establish a university of music and promote Indian Classical music.

2) Ashmita Kar


All of 17 years, Ashmita from Kolkata is the youngest contestant on the show. Her dream is to become an accomplished professional singer. 

3) Harjot Kaur

Hailing from Delhi, 18-year old Harjot captivated all the mentors with her powerful voice to the extent that they renamed her as 'Sunidhi' of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. She has learnt music from her father and is truly a daddy's little girl. A confident singer, Harjot excels in various styles of dance too. A jovial person by nature, she aspires to learn western music. With an aim to win the show, her magical voice will lead her to great heights!

4) Hashmat

Trained in music by their father, Hashmat wishes to learn Qawwali from Ustad 'Shouqat Ali'. while Hashmat is a traditional Indian girl. Their full-throated singing gives goose bumps to many. 

5) Jagpreet Bajwa


Jagpreet has been trained in both Indian Classical and Western styles of music. 21 year old Jagpreet from Canada is a passionate and motivational speaker who lost his vision when he was 6 months old to eye cancer. However he never let his impaired vision pose a hindrance to his success. At the age of 6, Jagpreet was performing on stage and has performed in over 500 shows. A truly extraordinary talent, Jagpreet can sing in 11 different languages. He has stunned the judges with his melodious voice. With an aspiration to spread love and peace through music, Jagpreet aspires to open a music therapy school.

6) Jyotica Tangree

Having learnt singing from a tender age, she sings classical music and fast numbers with equal finesse. She mesmerized the judges with her rocking singing and amazing confidence. Her mother is her source of inspiration. Brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab, she is currently based out of Mumbai. Her dream is to become a successful singer and earn a lot of money & fame. 

7) Kushal Paul

This rockstar from Kolkata is tough competition to anyone with his singing talent. A musician by profession, Kushal is a happy-go-lucky person. Having started playback singing at the age of 17, he has been financially supporting his family. Really scared of his father, Kushal shares a very strong and special bond with his mother who encourages his singing talent.

8) Rupali Jagga

This powerhouse of talent from Chandigarh captures everyone's attention with her soulful voice the moment she steps on the stage of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Adept at performing across genres, she loves singing racy dance numbers with which she can bring the roof down. With a thirst to live life queen size, Rupali is a vibrant, striking personality. Nothing in the world can make her happier than singing! 

9) Zuber Hashmi

A trained singer, Zuber belongs to Mumbai and excels in diverse forms like Classical, Thumri, Bollywood, Folk, Dadra and Ghazal. An ardent fan of singers like Mohammad Rafi, Ustad Rashid Khan, Kaushiki Chakraborty and Arijit Singh, Zuber teaches music and does stage shows. With music running in his veins, he refrains from meeting people who don't support music. A brilliant singer, Zuber aims to achieve a standing ovation for all his performances. Through Sa Re Ga Ma Pa he wants to establish himself as a Thumri singer.

10) Sachin Kumar Valmikan

A music teacher by profession, 23-year-old Sachin hails from Uttar Pradesh. Overcoming numerous hurdles in life with a smile on his face, this budding talent proves that where there is a will there is a way! A die-hard fan of Salman Khan, Sachin has never been to any movie theater or cinema hall ever. Been lauded by the mentors for his mesmerizing voice, Sachin loves his family the most and wants to make them proud by winning the show.

11) Sanjuti Das

Trained in semi classical music, 18-year-old Senjuta belongs to Kolkata. Learning music from the past seven years, her melodious voice can bring a smile to your face. Having received great appreciation on her singing ability from the mentors, Senjuta is determined to go a long way on the show with her passion and perseverance. 

12) Sultana

Adept at various genres of music, it is Sufi that stirs their soul. Sultana wants to learn Rock. Both sisters are starkly different from each other, Sulatana is a cool, outgoing person. Their full-throated singing gives goose bumps to many. 

13) Tanveer Hussain

Born in a Qawwaal family, 25-year-old Tanvir Hussain hails from Punjab. His command over Qawwali and flair for the style is commendable. An ardent Salman Khan fan, Tanvir sports his idol's famous hairstyle from the film Tere Naam. His aim is to establish himself as a Qawaali singer. Through the platform of SRGMP, this budding contestant wants to showcase his talent to the world. Not so fluent with English, Tanvir has studied till 12th grade and aspires to finish his graduation and go to a finishing school so that he can converse in style with his international fans whenever he does shows abroad. 

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Lucky Passionate Singers reached to Top 12 contestants List by getting through the tough Mega Auditions. Watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016, every Sat-Sun, 9.30 pm. Only on Zee TV.


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