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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17th April: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Full Episode 8, Grand Premiere

Posted by Suyash jain
Last Night it was Grand Premiere of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 when Shah Rukh Khan joined show at the very end now whole Sunday Episode 8 of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016, it will be Grand Premiere Grand musical night with King Shah Rukh Khan and Fans across the Globe excited to catch SRK's Performance with Talented Singers.

This Time Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 introduced new innovative idea to bring 30 juries and 4 judges. Show format loved by the Viewers. Moreover most favorite host Aditya Narayan is back to entertain us all. Its gonna be Super Awesome episode like never before with SRK's Charm and Performance.

Shah Rukh Khan surprised all the viewers by his Grand Entry to Promote his upcoming film Fan. 'Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost', now its time for the Super Thrilled Episode like never before.

Floored by the talent, SRK couldn't stop appreciating the performances. Admitting that he is a horrendous singer who can't hold a tune, SRK said, "It's hard for me to believe that the contestants are so flawless in front of a live audience. I remember how the song Apun Bola from Josh was broken down into a thousand pieces for him to be able to sing and then further corrected and adjusted through editing for it to be in sur and taal."

Watch Full HD Episode Online (Mega Audition) - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Episode 8 , 17th April

Shah Rukh Khan PraisedSa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Full Episode 8 Glimpse Video below. Talented singers with melodious voices compete against each other in a series of rounds to win the prestigious competition.



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